Star box

The Star Box is a collectible item that appears on most levels which can be collected  like the skulls, however, these boxes will provide a star on the level collected, instead of unlocking a sandbox level when a specific amount is acquired.


The use of the Star box is to be collected for the acquiration of the star in the level of which it was collected. The Star Box can be acquired before or after the other Stars are collected, for the stars are no need to be reacquired again if one is to reply a level. Star Boxes are the only source of Stars in Sandbox levels, especially the Field of Dreams for there are 40 stars scattered in said level, much like the Road Hogs Episode, where "Finishing in a certain amount of Tiime" star is the Primary source of stars there.


  • There will be 1 or 2 maximum Star Boxes on each level. 
  • Star Boxes can help you unlock the special level at the end of each row, as it gives a star.
  • They only appear when there is an objective to get them.
  • At one point, a star box appeared in a Cake Race map, since they are just small sections of levels.  It was a piece of the Little Pig Adventure sandbox.  It is currently unknown if collecting the star box there would have done anything different.
    Screenshot 2019-09-22-12-15-23
  • A yellow star box appears in the game files.  It is unknown what it is for, though.
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