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Super Glue

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JP Saari

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Minion Pig


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"Piggy In The Middle"

Not to be confused with Super Glue.

Super Glue is the eighth episode of Piggy Tales. Description

What’s green, stupid, and sticky all over? See what happens when one dimwitted pig finds a tube of glue – and just has to pick it up


Minion Pig found a super glue and checked it out, until another piggy stopped by and see him doing that. He showed him the super glue then walked away, didn't realized that his friends are stuck behind him. The piggy called him, but he didn't see the piggy stuck on his back. Then another Minion Pig come and helps him, but he also get stuck. The minion pig that is in front of them hear the piggies behind him and turn around, still not realizing that they're actually stuck behind him. The same thing happened all over again until he felt exhausted. He decide to walk away, but his back is full of stuck Minion Pigs until it formed a caterpillar. He still didn't realize it & ignored it while he crawled away.


  • Minion Pig - Sixth Appearance in series
  • Super Glue - Exclusive Appearance


  • This episode reference to Super Glue Power-Ups in Bad Piggies game and also Kragle (Also known as Krazy Glue) from The Lego Movie
  • This is the first episode which has an improved theme song


Piggy Tales "Super Glue"-0

Piggy Tales "Super Glue"-0

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