Not to be confused with Dynamite.

TNT full name is ‘Trinitrotoluene’.

TNT crates are items in Bad Piggies. They can explode manually (by clicking its button below the screen or itself directly) or if it collides with something with enough force. It’s usually use to boost the pig up.


  • TNT is good for making a last part dash or for disposing of a unwanted part of the device.(The Detacher would be safer, but it is usually unavailable).
  • TNT will propel you in the opposite way and will give you a surge of speed, but will probably crumble your machine. if you want to reach a time limit, hitting the TNT can get you to the checkpoint in time.
  • Do not underestimate the power of TNT. It can crumble even the strongest machines.
  • Metal should be able to resist the blow if it is face first, however it is over a hinge it will crack but may still hold its load. 
  • If you are on a part limit, you can use the TNT as a makeshift box, but it cannot hold things in it, and it can still explode, so beware of that. 


  • TNT's one-star variation is a green box with yellow text, and is a reference to Crash Bandicoot.
  • TNT's two-star variation is a sphere bomb with a green pig snout painted onto it.
  • TNT's three-star variations include a present and a pumpkin.
  • An alien variation of TNT exists. This variation allows the TNT to explode infinitely, while also removing the ability to explode on impact or as a result of another explosion.


  • There are times that the TNT will just disappear when it explodes, without leaving any smoke behind.
  • TNT is sometimes scattered around some levels of Bad Piggies. These may be hazards or, in some cases, vital for obtaining a star.
  • Also used in Angry Birds.
  • Natural TNT and TNT used in contraptions don't ignite each other.
  • TNT is unique in that it can be placed in boxes, but can also be used to connect two boxes together. The only other part capable of doing this is the Boxing Glove.
  • The Tier II fireworks are explosive similar to TNT, but with a smaller explosion. They also have a small TNT label on them. They trigger TNT, but not other fireworks, opening up some creative uses for them.
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