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"The Hole"

Teeter-Trotter is the fourth episode of Piggy Tales Description

Two piggies are playing on a seesaw. They’re trying to get it rocking, but one of the pigs is just too big! So how can they get that big piggy up in the air?


A Minion Pig is just having fun on the seesaw with all the bouncing that is happening to him on the seesaw, but his Dummy Pig Playmate is too big to be put up in the air, and sadly walks steps away from the seesaw, injuring the minion pig. Crawling to him, the minion pig reshaped himself and asked about his problem. Then, he had an idea. They tried to seesaw again, but this time, with one rocket tied to the Dummy pig's tail. But he is still too heavy. Then they attempted the same idea, but with four rockets, the rope was being pulled,but it's just squeezes the Dummy Pig. So, they tried it once again, but with eight rockets. The rope was being pulled harder, but the rope snapped and the rockets flew in all directions and then aimed and targeted at the pigs. After the explosion, both pigs flew up, the minion pig screamed, then noticed his friend enjoying the flight, and so he also enjoyed it, flying upwards, never to be seen again, as noted by the star shining.


  • Minion Pig - Second Appearance in series
  • Dummy Pig - Second Appearance in series
  • Seesaw - Exclusive Appearance


  • This is the first episode to make a character reappearance, namely the Minion Pig and Dummy Pig.
  • This is the first episode to use props that moves without the Pigs' help, namely the Rockets.
    • Also the first to use props that appear in the Game.


Piggy Tales "Teeter Trotter"

Piggy Tales "Teeter Trotter"


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