• Chiachichang, things looks great since i've been inactive (sorry bout that).  Our founder is back, we have a new logo, and this is part of the Rovio Wikia (the logo is really copyrighted?). I missed a lot.

    Anyways, i want to get straight on my inactiveness. First, i was doing the wikiBlueprints, then felt a bit lonely so i thought of coming back a few days hoping there was already someone else also working. But then, when i was to do that, A typhoon hit our country (i live on Phil, so that's common). The telephone wires were hit pretty bad, and the internet took back so longer than expected. I'm using BRoadband currently, so i may not be able to visit on later day. Again, sorry.

    PS. Good Luck on the Bot.

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    • PS: I dont mind if  youre a bureau (no idea what it means either).

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    • Chiachichang
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      15:30, August 9, 2014
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    • 1. You realize if I wasnt a bureau I couldn't have made you an admin

      2. Next person who makes a Queen Pig page I am going to perma ban them here then search for evidence to get them VSTF banned! Tons of goodness ready for that user!

      Anyway im still working out a actual ban system. People need to know what they do will cause and will give them consequences. Also, Gue made Rovio Wikia. So yea. And I know how bad Typhoons are since im your updoor neighbour temporarily. (Im somewhere between the Philipines and Japan). Good luck staying alive. (Insert GLaDoS Still alive song here)

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    • 1. Yeah, makes sense.

      2. You mean it was recreated? We should have not deleted the 1st one. We could have checked it's edit history, and see who created it, then ban the user.

      Oh, i visited the Rovio Network wiki. It really needs help. Only us are in there (reminds me of the Minecraft network wiki, because the actual wiki of it is on gamepedia, instead of here). Also, i think i can stay alive. And actually, i don't think Gue would approve the wikiblueprints then. I'll delete it sometime (but the FA template will stay). Lastly, what happened to Level 1-9? i checked that you were the last one editing it.

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    • 1-19, Still working on some screenshots before I really start work on it

      1. Pages are never permenantly deleted to administrators as we can always restore a pages history and check previous users

      2. That user was already abnned

      3. We can talk about wikiblueprints another day with gue. 

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    • 'Kay. And don't forget to log in!

      PS. Internet about to be fixed. I may start helping by Thursday.

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    • Im often on weak public internets for less than 5-10 minutes so I don't log in just to prevent someone from acessing my account. (Its quite easy actually if done on a public wifi) 

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    • Oh, got it.

      Something else too:

      - Level 1-9, was it really necessary to remove all it's contents just for the images?

      - The link color really doesn't fit the NavBox templates. It makes my eyes hurt seeing the blue link on the green background of the template. Can it be changed?

      - Remembering this, the computer of yours still deleting the BP data?


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    • 1. 1-9 I have no idea. Im really uniformed atm

      2. NavBox Templates? ill see what I can do

      3. Im just running everywhere atm. But right now I got a bit of time and ill check this stuff. 

      P.S. I backed up my save data with some drives. Its a pain to use but it works at least. 

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    • Oh, OK.

      Just in case:NavBox(Navigational Boxes) are like this:

      It hurts, doesn't it?

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    • ill try to fix ASAP

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    • There. Now the wikia is green. Very. Green. 

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    • Yes, very green. The problem is that if the link is on a green background. It kinda camouflages.

      These next things may be kind of annoying, but i plan to put it anyways. Ignore if needed.

      1.) I was thinking of creating a policy of how certain articles should be made/look like. For instance, PIG articles should look like this, and PIGGY TALES articles should look like that.

      2.)I was supposed to be asking for something else, but i thought it was too much.


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    • 1. Yes there should be, but considering the number of contributers we have that would be a waste of time

      2. GO ahead. Ill wait here for it, 

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    • 1. Yeah, right. But just to be ready though. You'll never know till someone will try to join (like The Marked Warrior, who unfortunately stopped contributing when he knew he had no Admin chances here).

      2. 'Kay, but again, can be too much, and can also be like a waste of time coz of the number of contributers here.

      I was thinking of enabling LUA for better templates, like an Infoboxbuilder and better NavTabs (because of how it can edit CSS code). The Infobox builder itself can already be very useful. I understand though if not.

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    • Chiachichang
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      04:12, September 2, 2014
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    • Come onto Bad pgigies chat area. we can talk 

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    • Back Now! You were away, and i have something to do by that time so i left. Waiting now...

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    • My thing broke suddenly. I hate it. Anyway 

      1. I don't want contributers that are here just to take admin. 

      2. Go ahead and enable. I only know mIRC coding so im quite useless with templates. 

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    • 1. Yep, and i even have high hopes from him.

      2. I know that you have to ask the Indev team, so i'm still figuring out what to click. If you know HTML as well, then templates can be a strength though.

      3. We better be ready for something, so will be making the policy page. I'm going to makeother "UTILITY" pages (templates, policies, etc) as well, so that when a contributer comes, we're ready. The best plan would be Utilities > Article Perfecting > Others.

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    • Chiachichang, i have started to make the policies, but only came up with 2: Vandals and Spams, and Article Presentation.

      I tried to look at Wikipedia's Vandals and Spams guidelines. Spamming means the repetetive putting of something useless, right? There, i found that Spams are the addition of content that would advertise a product. Should we worry about someone advertising some products and self-promoting themselves on this wiki?

      Also, based on what i found, i think i came up with a more strict banning system. WANNA SEE?

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    • if someone is promoting themselves on the wiki. BAN THEM. 

      Weird, I posted a comment but it clearly didn't show up. 

      Stupid internet/wikia

      Well go ahead. Im doing simple moderation right now only. 

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    • Also I was thinking of creating a unit of measurment in Bad Piggies. 

      Using the 3 engines I can determine the strength of anything 

      And also by using a balloon weight system I can also determine that.

      Meaning- How much thrust is the propeller compared to the engine and combinations for it. Or how fast is TNT. 

      It may seem like a bit of rubbish but I think it could be useful so you could literally calculate how your machine would go before you used it. Of course I would add more stuff like Umbrella Drag and stuff. 

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      1. By moderation, you mean the bots or something.
      1. It can be a bit hard though to see the measurements, but i can determine the weight.

      For instance, if The Pig is 1g, then the gray engine would be as well.

      1. I've creted more Help Pages, about the Wiki Markup and HTMl (both underconstruct), then 1 more policies about writing articles in a neutral viewpoint.
      1. I've come up with a new design of the main page.
      1. Lua - no progress yet.

      UPDATE REPORT -kay!

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    • hmmm yea something like that 

      Im more likely going to use a P system

      Like 1 G=Green Engine

      1 C= Car Engine

      1 R= Red Engine

      SO if a pig in 3 boxes with 2 wheels of a multiplier wheel, it will move x distance

      So basically how im going to do is 

      Engine Power x Multiplier Wheel= Total Engine Output

      Total Engine Output- Item Weight- Bonus Drag= Total Speed (In seconds per Underterimind value)

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    • I am going to be here. But I will be working on my engine calculation stuff...

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    • Metal Build Grey Engine: 41 Seconds

      Metal Build Green Engine: 1 Minute 31 Seconds. 

      So Yeah. Yet to do red. 

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    • 2.2 Greens for a Grey. 

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      1. Uh, 41 seconds WHAT? Before crash or something like that? (seriously though, 41 seconds to what?).
      1. Good thing i found out about the math tag. <math /> tag! Like this:

      <math><math>2x \times 4y \div 6z + 8 - \frac {y}{z^2} = 0</math>

      $ 2x \times 4y \div 6z + 8 - \frac {y}{z^2} = 0 $

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    • lol..... 

      Field of Dreams start location, very start to crash. 

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    • Wait, so the green engine will crash AFTER 41 secs

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    • These kinds of things are better to do in chat.

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    • You dont need to mind. But if you want watch me do the math to make sure I didn't screw up. Ill give you my results in a second. 

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    • Im doing a new build now. I will have results up in a second. Join me in chat if you want 

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    • New green: 41 Seconds  (Correct: 50)

      New Grey: 22 Seconds 

      New Red: 13 Seconds (Correct: 16) 

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    • 1.86x between grey and green

      1.7x between Red and grey. 

      Ok clearly first was off but I gotta do more tests 

      1 Second= Tons of percentage diffs. 

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    • Red and grey was more accurate so I have a feeling the strength diff was more likely 1.7...

      Too confirm ima slow down the process with some extra weight for hte crafts.. (Don't ask)

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    • New Red: 16 Seconds (FIXED TOO)

      New Grey: 22 Seconds  (FIXED TIME) 

      1.375x now.... STILL What is going on... 

      Edit 1: FOUND A MASSIVE error with first calc. No wonder. 


      1.375 Grey Engines=1 Red Engine!!!! HALALUAH! 

      2.2 Greens for a Grey. Same Answer. Gonna take it as right. 

      So 2.2 Greens=1 grey

      1.375 Greys=1 Red. 

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    • Thanks to your math, we then have something more to put on the trivia sections!

      And that would mean that
      $ 2.2 * 1.375 = 3.025 $ Greens is equivalent to one Reds!

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    • I am now going to calculate the weight/drag of each object. This will take a long time. I am somewhat good at math (I actually made it to a grade 12 equivilant in Kumon AND ILL NEED IT)

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    • 'Kay. Just want to note i may not be able to be here until next week or so. But i may just have enough time to peek at this thread

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    • A FANDOM user
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