• I recently realized that the old Founder (Gsuesdes) who made the orain wikia has been copying our content to his wikia. 

    I don't know much about the Creative Commons liscense but im very sure copying it word for word and not citing this wikia is a violation. 


    Im not sure if its in your power to fix anything on that site but I thought I would like to report it. 

    Thanks in advance! 

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    • Unfortunately we can't help, because we don't hold the copyrights for the content here. Wikia is the host, but the users are the copyright holders.

      That means we can't require to respect your copyright. However, what you can do is to contact them yourself and ask them to help with the problem. If they won't, you can file a DMCA Takedown request for any content you've created that is being hosted elsewhere without proper attribution.

      If you want more information on how to do this, you are welcome to contact us (although, of course, we are not lawyers so can only give basic advice.

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