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Tesla returns.

==Plot== A tesla flying star is a fly, but then crashes and was a problem, also the opening is "Tesla Attack!" then crashes a plane with it, an flying helicopter, he crashes into a problem, and was attacking planes (in a parody of Airplane!) also the turth was a problem into it, also flippy and flaky, and darwin, his pigs, also is the crash
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a cave, with a pig was stuck into a cave

, also he go into the cave, and falls into, and is stuck into the cave, and he gets into the cave, he finds, and gets into it, the opening of the cave gets a cave, and he finds a statue (with is a ghost) also gets, he gets a ong with it, plays.

The Cave is it

And gets falled

and he gets


The darkness can be seen with a cave, in a statue (As a ghost)

into it

and gets stucked

He's a cave

He's a cave

He's a cave

He finded a statue and screams the pigs, also in it, a star he finds and he mets it, and is stucked into a water again, with you says a pig: ---Then a cave he scream it?

The place where you found an apple (gets knifed)

, also the pig he a question, also the question: ---A cave he finds an apple, also in it, he get a question for a pig. Then a wall gets crushed, and his Kool-Aid Killer, is a wall screaming: OH YEAH!, and gets scream the pigs, as transformed a goldfish (part suckerfish that his) and a cat (also it is) also he finds a tesla on this, and he is a tree, scares the pigs and he runs, and a tree he hitted a tesla, and dies, and he saved the cave, also he killed a cave again, an apple gets knifed (wait, isn't that apple's appearance?) then kills a knife, and he lost, also he gets climbing into a ground (really if no) and he transformed a rabbit and another rabbit, and transformed another cat, also the song plays:
Sans titre

Lol a airship, he saved the cave made by me

FrecklesThe fly is air

And he's on the scene

He's crashing on the planes

On a spaceship chase station

He's flying!

Don't you know what i mean?

He's flying!

The pigs can fly also he gets into it, and while the pig ends flying and saved the world, an airship gets into it, and ends flying, also on it.
Floatng Hook Glitch

I Found This Glitch, a Pear slicing

 he's flyed an pig and gets into it, also the plunger gets it, and gets has the song plays the plunger:

He plungs the pigs

And he is fly

He's riding on a plunger with a pig

And plungs this blimp

He's plunger!
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the flying pig


He's plunger!


He's plunger!

The plunger ends when a pig he's flying, a pig he gets sliced into it, and gets a ambulance, he calls, he pulls it, and he gets stucked, also the doctor pig he ends, also in it. he gets into water, and gets into a sound, glug glug glug.

Bad Piggies official gameplay trailer

Bad Piggies official gameplay trailer

Movie trailer

The Film was getting lased into a tesla, and ends tesla, a movie.

Then a pig gets rolling in general, he falls, and gets into it, a ball bouncy ball doctor, he dies into it.

Then a pig doctor he docs into it, and when are a plum.

a plum gets knifed. then cooks it.

and the film has a "warning notice" also it.

the exam into a pig gets drawing.

the film was a chalk-board the pigs when has into it, he gets it:

a pig scene he dies.

And he gets killed any

Meet you.

Named pig.


the scene pig is dead also on it.

when a film ends on 10 seconds:

Bad piggies alien parts

The machine

The end?


oooo, tesla!


The film was unexpected pig and dies into it, he dies in it, and gets it, also the movie ends unexpected: a pig rolling a ball, the pig he gets a football and kicks it, the film was getting plunger a ambulance in it, and he named the pig: Darwin, also on it, the movie gets into companys and distruteds: Paramount pictures and Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker. and he gets notice film, ends.

Unexpected plot

Police Squad Lieutenant Frank Drebin, taking a vacation in Beirut, disrupts a conference of America's greatest enemies (Idi Amin, Muammar Gaddafi, Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, and Mikhail Gorbachev[4]) who are trying to conceive a terrorist plan to humiliate the U.S. In Los Angeles, Officer Nordberg attempts to bust a heroin drug operation at the docks organized by dock's owner Vincent Ludwig, and is shot by Ludwig's henchmen. After returning to L.A. and being briefed on the case by his boss, Captain Ed Hocken, Drebin visits Nordberg in the hospital. Nordberg provides cryptic clues, including a picture of Ludwig's ship on which the deal had been organized. Frank meets with police scientist Ted Olsen, who has invented a cufflink that shoots tranquilizer darts. Frank learns through Ted that Nordberg's jacket tested positive for heroin.

Police Squad is put charge of security for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Los Angeles, and Ed tells Frank that he has 24 hours to clear Nordberg before word gets out about what happened and detracts from the queen's visit.

When Frank visits Ludwig in his office, Ludwig learns that Nordberg is still alive. Ludwig has his assistant, Jane Spencer, assist Frank in his investigation, and the two fall in love. However, Jane is unaware of her employer's illegal activities. After Frank leaves the office, Ludwig meets with Pahpshmir, a participant of the Beirut meeting, to discuss an assassination plot against the queen. Ludwig agrees to do it for $20 million, with Pahpshmir wondering how he plans to pull it off. Ludwig explains that using a beeper he will create the assassin using post-hypnotic suggestion. Ludwig unsuccessfully attempts to have Nordberg killed at the hospital; while the hypnotized doctor escapes Frank, he accidentally ends up riding a ballistic missile into a fireworks store, leaving the assassination motive unknown.

Frank breaks into Ludwig's office in his absence, searching for evidence. Although Frank finds a note from Pahpshmir addressed to Ludwig which confirms his suspicions, he inadvertently starts a fire that destroys the note and the office. Frank later has a run-in with one of Ludwig's men at his factory in a stockyard, and after that confronts Ludwig with his allegations at a reception for the Queen's arrival. Frank misinterprets Ludwig's presentation of a musket to the Queen as an attack and tries to protect her, but only causes more of a problem and is fired from Police Squad. Afterward, Jane finds out about the plot and tells Frank that the plan will be executed at a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the California Angels at Anaheim Stadium during the seventh inning stretch and that one of the players will perform the act.

The police squad arrives at the stadium. In order to search the players, Frank knocks the home plate umpire out with a baseball bat and takes his place, frisking the players for weapons while they are at bat. The seventh-inning stretch begins and Ludwig activates his "sleeper", Reggie Jackson. Jane alerts Frank, who chases after Jackson and tackles him, but Jackson manages to get away when Frank's action starts a general riot between the two teams. Ludwig holds Jane at gunpoint as he begins to leave the stadium while Jackson takes aim at the Queen. Frank tries to incapacitate Jackson with one of his cufflink darts, but misses and hits a large woman on the upper deck. The woman falls over the railing and lands on Jackson, incapacitating him and saving the Queen's life.

Frank follows Ludwig to the top of the stadium and shoots Ludwig with the other cufflink dart, causing him to fall over the side of the stadium where he is struck by a passing bus, run over by a steamroller, and trampled by the USC marching band. Some of the band members inadvertently step on Ludwig's beeper, triggering Jane to attempt to kill Frank with Ludwig's gun. Frank breaks Jane's hypnotized state by openly professing his feelings for her and giving her an engagement ring. Frank and Jane meet Mayor Barkley, who reinstates Frank back to Police Squad, and a recovered Nordberg congratulates him – until Frank inadvertently pushes Nordberg's wheelchair down the stadium stairs and launches him onto the field.

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