Turbo Charges are Power Ups and are single-use items used to double the strength of your motors or the Pig itself.


Turbo charges are helpful for getting three stars. But one must be careful because one may not be swift enough to handle the speed.

When one uses the Turbo Charge power up, it will do these to the following "Engines":

  • Freckles/Freckled Pig  will be as powerful as the green engine.
  • The green engine will be as powerful as the gray one, and the gray one will be as powerful as the Turbo Engine.
  • The turbo engine will act as if they were two.

Αρχείο λήψης (4)


The Turbo charge is a power up. So they can be acquired like the other power ups by doing the following:

  • Spending money
  • Feeding King Pig with desserts that can be found randomly on each level.


These can be used for time achievments.

However, since you are going faster, some levels may require you to react faster to situations.(Turbo Charges)

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