Tusk Til' Dawn
The Tusk Til' Dawn Episode

Release date

October 29, 2016

Episode Number

No information

Tusk Til' Dawn is the 5th Episode of Bad Piggies. It has a total 30 levels, including the Bonus levels.  It is the shortest episode.


Freckled Pig went on Trick-or-treating in the night of Halloween. After he collect enough candies, he enjoyed them, not knowing that he ate too much candies, making him chocke and goes unconscious.

In his dream, Freckled Pig needs to find a dreamcatcher in order to wake up from his nightmare.  He travels around a landscape made of candy, occasionally coming upon the birds, all while keeping his pumpkin full of candy by his side.

Later, Ross crashes and wakes up to some zombie pigs eating his candy.  Angrily, he kicks the pumpkin, which bounces back and hits him in the head.  It doesn't appear in any levels after that.

In the final cutscene, Ross wakes up in his bed, and is happy to see a pig and the Mechanic playing outside.

Introduced Items

  • Pumpkin with Candy


  • This episode is Bad Piggies' first-ever Halloween story episode and the first one that was themed for a holiday.
  • Regardless of any part for Ross being equipped, a mask will display over his usual look.  It varies in design, and will fly off if he moves too fast.  This feature is similar to the hat in The Road to El Porkado, though that only appears on the default look.
  • This episode also has its own song instead of the Bad Piggies theme song on all levels (aside from The Road to El Porkado.)  The song played when making a vehicle is absent, instead replaced with creepy ambience consisting of wind, howling, and evil laughter.  The ambience also plays during the level, but it can be hard to hear over the music.
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