Tusk Til' Dawn
The Tusk Til' Dawn Episode

Release date

October 29, 2016

Episode Number

No information

Tusk Til' Dawn is the 5th Episode of Bad Piggies. It has a total 30 levels, including the Bonus levels.


Freckled Pig went on Trick-or-treating in the night of Halloween. After he collect enough candies, he enjoyed them, not knowing that he ate too much candies, making him chocke and goes unconscious.

In his dream, Freckled Pig needs to find a dreamcatcher in order to wake up from his nightmare.

Introduced Items

  • Pumpkin with Candy
  • Mayjuh Layzuh Piggeh


  • This episode is Bad Piggies' first-ever Halloween story episode and the first one that was themed for a holiday.
  • This episode also has a Halloween-themed Lazer Remix instead of the Bad Piggies theme song on all levels (aside from The Road to El Porkado)
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