An umbrella is an object used in Bad Piggies. It increases the Air resistance of your vehicle, in other words, decrease the velocity of your vehicle from the opposite direction it is facing, if opened.

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The Black Umbrella as they appear in the game.


First Level Appearance (Black)


First Level Appearance (Yellow)


Boost Strength (Yellow only)


Durability (Black)

Low (When closed)


The Umbrella currently has only two types:

  • Black Umbrella (Manual)
  • Yellow Umbrella (Automatic)

Black Umbrellas cannot be powered by any kind of Motor but the player can open and close the umbrella by clicking/tapping it on the contraption or the button below the screen. The use of the umbrella is to decrease the velocity of the contraption of the opposite ways the umbrella is pointing(e.g. if your vehicle is falling downwards and the umbrella is pointing upwards, opening it will slow it down). Variations include Red, Pink, and Bone.

Yellow Umbrellas can be powered by any kind of Motor and the The Player but it's main purpose is to move the vehicle instead of slowing it down(although the black umbrella can be used the same way, but slower, by repeatedly tapping/clicking on its button). Unlike the black umbrella, it also rapidly (depending on motor strength/amount) opens and closes, making the vehicle move to where it is pointing. Its variations include Steampunk/Rusty, Dark (which appears as a bat) and Golden.


  • Always remember, the umbrellas force will pull it back where it is pointing. 
  • Umbrellas will decrease speed but not change the direction.
  • With high enough speed, you may be able to make a glider-airplane design, however, this is risky as your contraption may take a 360 or a 180 turn. however, if done successfully, it can be extremely powerful.
  • Only do this if the umbrellas point of balance is in the middle, or 2 umbrellas are positioned so it will not break the point of balance (basically balancing it if you thought of it as a scale).
  • The only known way to make an airplane without any airplane parts (tail, propeller, wing) is done with yellow and black umbrellas, however, to control it is extremely difficult.


The yellow umbrella is one of two functions that are completely silent, the other being the Bicycle Wheel's movement.

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