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NOTE: I have noticed that there are more people editing this wikia now! However, I am no longer able to actively maintain it. I am able to respond to people asking to delete pages, however, I do not have the time to fact check or check for vandalism myself! Sorry! (7/29/2016: chiachichang)

Hello Text_will_be_replace_with_username ,

I am an Admin+Beaurcrat on this epig wikia :3

Currently coding a mSL mIRC bot so I may be very very slow on replies. (Should, but I could take up to 3 days) 

For urgent communications you can talk to me via steam:

LoL: chiachichang (NA)

Origin: chiachichang

What is mSL you ask? A code like javascript or html, mSL is mIRC scripting language, mIRC? its a application though I know IRC is internet relay chat. Anywho im coding a super crazy bot for it. If you know mSL and can do readini+writini commands tell me as im close to tossing out my computer (Which may be good since ill be faster on everything :D) 

Anyway if you play LoL feel free to play with me on custom draft racing.

Sign Up for LoL @:

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