Hey yall been a while since ive been on here bloggin 

First to answer some questions.

1. Where have I been?

Finishing Bad Piggies for the 5th time after my computer removes my data again, and banging my head on levels I can't finish/get 3 stars on

2. Promotion What? 

Yes I did talk to another admin (in fact our only admin aside from me xD) about possibly making a promotion, It would be for a steam game code/link, I am still considering on this and if you want to help me the best way want to (if you have tf2), is to donate some items, then I can buy em off a friend with them.

3. What kind of games?

Haven't decided yet, don't expect anything amazing, its free, so don't cry about it being a bad item/game

4. When will this happen? 

No idea, haven't decided yet.

5. What if I have another question relating to this topic/the wikia

Comment Below, I may or may not edit your question into here and answer it here... Ill see xD

Well, thats about it so ill just get back to deletin stuff :D 

Chiachichang (talk) 02:42, April 1, 2014 (UTC)

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