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When Pigs Fly
The When pigs Fly Episode

Release date

September 27, 2012

Episode number

Episode 3 (previously Episode 2)



When Pigs Fly is the second episode released in Bad Piggies. It has a total of 45 levels, including the bonus levels.


Following the events of Ground Hog Day, the pigs have reached the supposed location of the eggs, only to find that they simply aren't there!

The spyglass now indicates that the eggs have been moved elsewhere, so the pigs start drawing another map. Of course, with what happened with the paper map last time, King Pig orders the pigs to draw the map on the side of a wooden crate, and then break the map off of the crate to take with them.

Of course, crates full of TNT don't respond well to being tampered with. As the TNT blows up in the pigs' faces, the pieces of the map are scattered everywhere, forcing the pigs to set off to recover the broken pieces of the map.

Introduced Items


  • This episode is named also the same way as Ground Hog Day, based off a popular saying. "When pigs fly" indicates something impossible.
    • Here, pigs will fly with the aid of flying vehicles and then in late levels.
  • This episode was the second episode, until the Rise And Swine update.